Introducing Global Ambitions

Episode Zero

Welcome to Episode Zero of the Global Ambitions podcast. 

In this podcast, we’ll be interviewing experts in localization and global marketing. We’ll ask three simple questions. 

  1. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
  2. Did you do anything wrong at first that you want to warn people to be mindful of?
  3. What did you do right that you would recommend people duplicate? 

Each episode will be limited to 15 min max to keep things, short, actionable, and sharp

Our hosts and guests will be experienced leaders in their fields so you can look forward to insightful discussion each episode. I know I am looking forward to learning from them. 

To get notified of each new bi-monthly episode subscribe here or wherever you get your podcasts. Let the learning begin!

Stephanie Harris

Global Ambitions

Marketing Director & Producer

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